EXAM SEASON: semester end 📚

work hard, play hard

As exciting as it is for students that school is comimg to an end, this has got to be the most stressful time of the year. EXAMS!

Its that time of the year when you try catch up on everything within a short period of time and the pressure is very much real at this point. I am not about to sound cliché and try give “reading tips” or “motivation” BUT I would say that everyone should give it their best shot for its never late until the fat lady sings.

Lastly as we get out of those examination rooms on the last day, I urge y’all to stay safe and be responsible when you celebrate the semester end.

Wishing each and everyone of you the best with your exams and hope yall make it to next semester. Always remember there is no gain without pain, so keep pushing.✨

QUICK DISCLAIMER: I am also writing my exams fairly soon therefore I will not be posting content for the next three weeks. However I promise to be back as soon as I am done and with even better posts. This is the time for you to catch up on my old posts if you slacking and I do highly appreciate the support and comprehension.

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improving my photography skills

If you’ve been here before or for a while you probably must have noticed the switch up at some point by now.

The change in my angles, quality and overall look of my work is something I’ve tremendously improved on and at the brink of learning.

Art is something you have to keep transcending and I often challenge myself to do exactly that. I’m constantly seeking new ideas to add a little zeal to my flatlays for my viewers and this has been my sparke of growth.

Growing up I’ve always had an eye for photography but failed to nurture my love for it. With that being said let’s jump into it!

Basically I’ve been using props to enhance my flatlays. These are simply items used to add character, context and interest to a picture eg the flower from the above and below flatlay. This is something I’ve never seen being done with flatlays and I’m so inlove with it. It absolutely works wonders and you’ll definitely be seeing more of it in my future work.


  • Hard to execute on your own. This technique is something you’d wanna try with a helping hand. Handling the prop and the camera at the same time is very tideous and as someone with shaky hands its even worse. Also specifically on flatlays it causes alot of strain to your wrist when doing it by yourself due to the 90° angle “rule”.
  • Readily available. A prop is whatever you decide or choose of it, with that being said literally anything can be used. Be it a flower, glass or bottle, it’s all upto you and your creativity.
    Personally I give this technique a huge 10/10 👍🏼 and would definitely advice you to give it a try. With that being said that wraps up today’s blog!
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    BEHIND THE SCENES: answering common questions📽🎬

    how things go down

    1. What camera do you use to take your flatlay pictures?

    Unfortunately I do not have nor use a proper camera to take my pictures. I simply use my phone back camera which is a Hisense F23 with 13 megapixels. However I am looking forward to saving and buying something small and affordable because I have plenty more ideas I’d love to work on with HD quality.

    2. Why don’t you use the camera from your flatlays to take pictures and also what camera is it?

    Y’all when I say I use items around the house which aren’t currently being used or working I mean it. The camera I use in my flatlay is just for decoration and is pretty old and needs to be fixed up. Moreover I don’t know any further details about it except for the fact that it’s a Canon.

    3. What app do you use to edit your flatlays?

    I do not use any specific app. I simply edit my pics by using the edit features on my camera roll. Specifically I play around with the crop, mirror,contrast, exposure and shadow. I prefer not to do much and to keep it more natural. I used to edit very carelessly when I first started and I cringe whenever I look back at my first few flatlays. I’ve greatly improved and one thing which makes a difference in picture quality is GREAT natural lighting for sure.

    ONE COLORED: red 🍒

    Had you asked me a few months back if a one colour flatlay would work, I could’ve without hesitation said “NO!”. Reason being, in my imagination it would seem rather sloppily, dull and pathetic.

    Oh boy was I wrong!

    I guess you will never know until you try, thank goodness my trail came sooner than later. As you can see from the flatlay above; strictly red this “theme” comprises simply and strictly of one colour.This was my first attempt at doing so and I must say I’m head over heels inlove with the concept. A quick tip would be to try this with different shades of a colour as well. The style is very coordinated , neat and virtuoso.


    The above perfume which I’ve used in these flatlays is a raspberry cream flavoured perfume from Avroy Shlain.This is a renowned product and I absolutely love its scent. It’s not too much but just enough to make a statement. I got mine at a very affordable price from @stephnewmxn. There are tons of other products readily available so do hit her up on Instagram to get yours. I specifically got this one because of its cute candy bar shape which i felt would work perfectly on a flatlay and no doubt that it did.
    try out the above concept, place your order now, comment and share..lots of love🌸

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    COLLABORATORY WORK: untamed. apparel101👣

    working with local brands

    When you at a peak where you began to grow your passion into something beneficiary and entrepreneurial its often hard to figure out your go to brands or who to reach out to and etc. It’s a very risky step to take and such a great leap of faith. Luckily enough this wasn’t very hard for me.

    For starters, im very content with my choice to work with this local brand as my first ever collaboratory project. Moreover its given me a wider scope to try new things with my art especially now knowing that people out there actually appreciate it and would love to work with me because of it.

    UNTAMED” is an upcoming local clothing brand in Botswana which aims at streetwear style appreciation. It is owned by an accounting student; Mogomotsi Sethono and his vision for his clothing line is to become the best high end fashion to come out of Botswana,upholding and nurturing the streetwear culture.

    • MY REVIEWS ON THEIR PRODUCT: The Untamed tee is very simple with such great quality, which is pretty much my style especially for school/a nice laid back outfit. I like that its very comfortable and cosy in terms of texture, also very affordable and the colour choices are varied to suit your taste better. I strongly suggest you get your tee now and more importantly to keep supporting each others businesses.Also a little birdy told me the brand is working on a new collection so be on the lookout for that as well.

    • WHERE MAY I GET THE PRODUCT OR CONTACT THEM“: The tee’s are readily available and delivery is right before your hands. To contact Untamed place your order now on their Instagram page @untamed. apparel101 .




    Thank you to Untamed and a huge thank you for all the love and support. Comment which colour tee you’ll be getting and share this post with your 🌍.xx🌸

    “WHAT AM I UP TO?💭”; flatlays convey the message better💌

    “let’s grab some 🍿 and netflix”
    PICTURES NEVER LIE; we live in a social media based, fast life and high tech world and sometimes the hardest thing to do is trying to keep up with all this. Thats because being pop cultured is such an impeccable thing!
    No doubt at all that we stay having such busy schedules however once or twice a day we still wanna be very much active and relevant on our media profiles. Hence why i present to you the art of flatlays, not because its what I love to do but because they are undeniably convenient and cute. Be it at school, work, a quick reading at the coffee shop by the corner, all you gotta do is gather up your items and snap away 📷. Next you simply show this to your world and with needn’t any explanation they know exactly what you up to. A quick trick it is but whatever you choose to call it I insist you give it a try.
    I’m sure you’ve already put 2 & 2 together and by now understand what I’m trying to convey to you just by looking at my above examples.
    Make your “what am i up to” flatlay, share it with your world alongside my blog site,tag me on it and spread the love.🌸

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    CLOTHING THEME; spring edition☀️

    a mini clothing haul

    Where I’m from (Southern Africa), we transitioning from the cold winter season into the warm spring weathers. This may be all too overwhelming for one’s wardrobe as you trying to stay pop cultured and up to date. One thing I know for sure is we’ve all started going on shopping sprees and we all tryna “flex” a few items of what we got on the gram or wherever.
    Well I present to you the clothing themed flatlay edition. Believe it or not this ain’t my best theme hence I’m also still tryna learn. Basically when it comes to this theme, you obviously wanna have your centerpiece ie the clothing item and small other substances to compliment it. Don’t put anything that’d over power the boldness of your item, cause you obviously want all the attention to go to the item. Secondly put sentimentals or aesthetics with bright colours. Its warm and the best colours to go along with are bright ones, those are your yellows,oranges, reds etc. So take advantage of that, it easily catches the eye and they just make the picture stand out.
    Lastly add a few accessories to your clothing item if need be, this kind of communicates your style and sense of fashion better and who knows you might even inspire a few looks out there. As you can see from the picture above we have the centerpiece being the denim sandals and the complimentary accessory are the glasses with a shade of pink and your bright warm colours are those brought out by the flowers. Such a straight forward flatlay and yet so beautiful.

    Try out this theme and let me know how it went. Thanks once again and join me again next week, remember fresh content is always published every Friday.🌸
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